>Buona Sera

>Ciao from Italy. Still a bit jet-lagged as I woke up around 3:30 this morning wide awake! I contemplated watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but decided I should try to sleep and acclimate myself to the time change. I’m newly obsessed with Kardashians. They are so ridic, but I love it.

We are leaving for Sardinia monday. Today we hung out at their house (the people I’m nannying for) and basically swam in their pool all day. The kids were really enamored with my handstand (the verticale di Meggie!) and cartwheel. They were NOT so impressed with my soccer “skills.” We “played” a game – I have no clue what I’m doing. I can kick it, but that’s about it. My defense mechanism is to just turn my back and try and “dribble” (its that what its called) backwards. And keep my feet close together so its harder for them to put their foot in between. This strategy does NOT work at all. Thankfully, we lost the ball over the fence so we did handstands instead (I’m much better at that).

We are making pizza for dinner. Sorry, Er, not sure if I can take a picture of it tonight haha. They eat tons of bread over here so I am DOWN. And they buy it fresh every day. And, although most Americans don’t like the milk over here (its like creamier I think), I’m a fan. They refrigerate theirs whereas I don’t think everyone does. Its irradiated.

The little girl is obsessed with Hannah Montana. And Jonas Brothers. So, I think I worked my way onto her good side when I did the Hoedown Throwdown for her (google it, it was in the hannah montana movie). 

The kids speak english ok. The oldest boy speaks and understands the best. I think they have trouble understanding my “expressions” as I’m sure you don’t learn how I speak in a text book. They pronounce my name “Meegggggg-IE.” They’re very nice to me, but I’ve learned very quickly that Italians speak with a lot of passion. They don’t just say, “No thanks….I don’t want any.” They REALLY don’t want any (No! No! No! then some Italian I can’t understand.)

I’ve learned a few Italian words, but not much. The little boy will randomly run up to me and give me Italian – English translations which is adorable (Meggie! Brown is Marrone!). I still need to figure out how to say, “Nice to meet you.” I’ve got “ciao” and “grazie” down pretty well though.

Alright, all for now. Hope to hear from people back home! (TN and NYC that is.)

Also, special shout out to ATC as she turns three today!

2 thoughts on “>Buona Sera

  1. >i ate pizza for lunch or dinner 4 days in a row last week. how gross is that? and for breakfast this morning we went to a diner and i had eggs benedict. but the glass case with the pies in it was next to us and the lemon meringue was calling my name the whole time i was scarfing the eggs benedict so then i had a huge diner-sized slice of it for some kind of breakfast dessert. but – just for the record – i got the hollandaise sauce on the side of the eggs benedict so maybe i saved a couple calories by dipping rather than drowning? i don't know. but yeah… i need to get back on the healthy train. but we are going to see year one tonight and you know this bitch does not go to the movies and forgo popcorn so maybe that healthy train will begin tomorrow. anyway, thanks for the shoutout and i'm glad you're having a god time. i am going to go get a pedi now… wish you were here to partake. ciao bella

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